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Magnetic pump manufacturers tell you what to pay attention to when using magnetic pump

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Magnetic pump manufacturers tell you what to pay attention to when using magnetic pump

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Magnetic pump manufacturer

Matters needing attention when using magnetic pump

1. Problems caused by cavitation of the magnetic pump: the resistance of the pump inlet pipe is large, the gas phase of the conveying medium is large, the injection pump is insufficient, and the pump inlet energy head is insufficient, which is the main cause of cavitation. Cavitation is the most harmful to the pump. When cavitation occurs, the pump vibration is severe and the balance is seriously damaged, resulting in damage to the pump bearing, rotor or impeller. This is a common cause of magnetic pump failure.

2. No medium or low flow rate of the conveying medium: dry friction between the rotor main shaft and the stable bearing, burning the bearing. The magnetic pump provides lubrication and cooling to the plain bearings through the conveying medium. In the absence of an open inlet or outlet valve, the plain bearing is damaged by high temperatures due to the absence of lubrication and cooling of the conveying medium.

3. Damage to the isolation sleeve: The magnetic coupling of the magnetic pump is cooled by the medium delivered by the pump. If there are hard particles in the medium, it may cause scratches or scratches on the isolation casing. If the maintenance method is not appropriate, the isolation casing may be damaged.

4. Prevent particles from entering

(1) Ferromagnetic impurities and particles are not allowed to enter the magnetic actuator and the bearing friction pair.

(2) After transporting the medium which is easy to crystallize or precipitate, it should be cleaned in time (after pumping, pump the water into the pump chamber and drain it after 1 minute) to ensure the service life of the sliding bearing.

(3) When transporting media containing solid particles, it should be filtered at the inlet of the pump flow tube.

5. Prevent demagnetization

The main results are as follows: (1) The magnetic moment cannot be designed too small.

(2) It should be operated under the specified temperature conditions, and the temperature of the medium should not exceed the standard. A platinum resistance temperature sensor can be installed on the outer surface of the magnetic pump isolation sleeve to detect the temperature rise in the annular gap region so that the temperature can be alarmed or turned off when the temperature exceeds the limit.

6. Prevent dry friction

(1) It is strictly forbidden to be lazy.

(2) It is strictly forbidden to leave the media.

(3) When the outlet valve is closed, the continuous working time of the pump must not exceed 2 minutes to prevent the magnetic actuator from overheating and malfunctioning.

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