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Six sealing methods for vertical chemical pumps

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Six sealing methods for vertical chemical pumps

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Vertical chemical pump

Six sealing methods for vertical chemical pumps

1. Vertical chemical pump thread seal

      Thread seals are generally available in two types on vertical chemical pumps. One is a threaded joint gasket seal, and the other is a threaded and filled seal. Both are used for sealing small diameter threaded joints. The seal of the threaded electric diaphragm pump gasket is a gasket, and the thread only serves to provide a pressing force.

2. Vertical chemical pump labyrinth seal

      The maze sealing effect is very good when the design is reasonable, the processing is excellent, the assembly is good, and the rotation speed is high. However, in practical applications, the resulting vertical chemical pump leaks a lot, so it is not commonly used in vertical chemical pump seals.

3. Vertical chemical pump oil seal

      The vertical chemical pump oil seal is a self-tightening lip seal. It has a simple structure, small size, low cost, convenient maintenance and low resistance torque. It can prevent medium leakage and prevent external dust and other harmful substances from intruding. And it has a certain compensation ability for wear, but it is not resistant to high pressure, so it is generally used in vertical chemical pumps in low pressure applications.

4. Vertical chemical pump packing seal

      The vertical chemical pump packing seal puts the compressive and resilience packing into the stuffing box, and converts it into a radial sealing force by the axial pressing force of the gland, thereby sealing.

      This method of sealing is called a packing seal and this packing is called a packing. Because the packing sealing structure is simple in form, convenient to replace, low in price, suitable for speed, pressure and wide medium, it is widely used in the design of vertical chemical pumps.

5. Vertical chemical pump gasket seal

      The common sealing method for vertical chemical pumps has a gasket sealing method. The gasket is the basic component of the centrifugal pump static seal and is used in a wide range of applications. The selection of gaskets is mainly determined by factors such as the transport medium, temperature, pressure and corrosivity of the vertical chemical pump.

6. Vertical chemical pump power seal

      When the vertical chemical pump is in operation, the pressure head generated by the auxiliary impeller balances the high pressure liquid at the outlet of the main impeller to achieve sealing. When parking, the auxiliary impeller does not work, so it must be equipped with a parking seal to solve the vertical chemical pump leakage that may occur when parking.

The auxiliary impeller has a simple sealing structure, reliable sealing and long service life. The vertical chemical pump can realize dripping without leaking. Therefore, it is often used in a vertical chemical pump to transport a pump containing impurity medium.

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